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Quality network design solutions for telco providers and civil construction

We know that quality, speed, and efficiency are paramount when it comes to delivering your projects on time and on budget, and we’re driven by this same ethos. Our team is adept at working with all network design competencies, including network and SDU/MDU solutions in all NBN technologies and pit-and-pipe design.  

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Telstra Design

NBN Technologies

With in-house network design experience, we’ve embedded ourselves deeply in NBN design and technologies to ensure you get the most advanced solutions possible for strong network reliability.

The team at Consor Designs has extensive experience in delivering optimal network design solutions for practical construction solutions across all NBN Fibre applications.

Our areas of expertise include delivery of customer solutions within projects such as New Developments (SD1, SD2), Business Segment (GPON and Enterprise Ethernet), and network augmentation projects (N2P, FLIP).
We have proven experience in the delivery and design optimisation of NBN Co’s HFC program of works – a technology that comprises a significant portion of Australia’s NBN footprint.

Telstra Design

Telstra optics are in our DNA, with our team having been instrumental in the development of Telstra’s network architecture.

Our designers have worked on many Telstra projects incorporating Internal and External Design, all aspects of the Network sectors, including Copper, Fibre, DWDM, legacy NGSDH, and Packet, defence, FTTX, Copper, Exchange bypass, and Brownfields and Greenfields projects.
We are also adept at designing the IEN and CAN Optic Fibre networks, including preliminary design work consisting of a DBoR review and desktop study, detailed design work, cutover design, program design, and As-Built DBoR updates, with Site assessment, Capacity and Strategic planning, Project, and Contract Management.

Pit-and-Pipe Design

Consor delivers high-quality complex pit-and-pipe telecommunications designs that result in quicker NBN design approvals.

We have experience producing a range of designs to manage connections between the existing NBN network, through to the customer’s new development.
We utilise our background in construction to minimise costs by optimising pit-and-pipe and pathway designs that avoid complex builds.
We can provide expertise on NBNCo Single Dwelling Units (SDUs) and Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) for new developments.

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